DR-M260 supports a variety of documents, from business cards to thin documents such as order forms and delivery statements, in addition to the standard document commonly used in business. A productivity will be significantly improved by the combination of high-speed scanning and versatile paper feeding power.


DR-M260 supports a variety of documents, from business cards to thin documents such as order forms and delivery statements, in addition to the standard document commonly used in business. With the Auto Document Feeder’s ability to scan your documents in bulk, there is no need to divide your documents by type or size. A productivity will be significantly improved by the combination of high-speed scanning and versatile paper feeding power.

Equipped with the DR Processor,
a newly developed image processing engine

The scanner mounts a new image processing engine, the DR Processor, which is equipped with a high-speed CPU. This makes fast, high-quality scanning possible without depending on the performance of your PC. It also makes support possible for the newest interfaces such as USB3.1 Gen1.
The DR Processor reduces uneven coloring, allowing documents to be scanned as images that are more suitable for OCR (Optical Character Recognition).

High-speed scanning

Whether color, gray, or black and white, up to 120 sides (60 two-sided documents, 200 dpi, A4 portrait) per minute can be scanned in a fast, one-pass operation. The heavy-duty Auto Document Feeder can hold up to 80 sheets of paper.

Easily scan various types of documents

All kinds of documents from thin receipts to thick card and licenses can be scanned. Further-more, by using the carrier sheet, even passports with IC chips can be scanned through the Auto Document Feeder. The scanner supports a vast range of applications.
Large documents are also supported. For example, an A3/11”*17” document can be folded in half, scanned, and then combined into one image. Documents of up to 5,588mm (220”) in length can be scanned. (200dpi)

* To scan a passport, the optional Carrier Sheet (Passport) is needed.
* A Folded A3 sized document can be also processed.

Quiet operation

Noise is kept less than the previous model, thanks to the improvements of incorporated mechanical components. Comfortable user environment is realized.

iWEMC support

The scanner supports iWEMC, which allows you to manage the scanner through a network, reducing IT department costs.


User-friendly LCD Panel

Scanning status and count can be easily checked on LCD panel. Up to 99 jobs can be registered by combining commonly used scanning modes and output destinations. Select a job from the LCD panel and execute with just a single click.
Errors and roller replacement notification appear on the LCD panel, enabling an administrator to respond quickly to any problems.

Supreme paper-handling reliability

The scanner prevents skewed feeding when different size of documents are fed together, with the help of left and right feeding rollers that revolve independently.
Paper jam will be detected by two types of sensors which prevent your important documents from being damaged.
Paper feeding error detection sensors quickly detect skewed documents and paper jam. Paper eject sensor prevents from damaging documents by detecting unusual length of document transit time.

Flexible double feed support

Scanning errors are prevented when feeding multiple documents, allowing for more speedy continuous scanning.
The scanner detects with ultrasonic detection when multiple overlapping documents pass through the scanner simultaneously, after which feeding stops automatically. Furthermore, the scanner has a “Separation Retry” function that automatically returns these documents to the feed tray.
It is also possible to disable double feed detection when scanning documents that consist of more than one layer, such as copy slips. When double feeding is detected, an error will be displayed on the LCD panel. Select “Save and continue” and then press “OK” button to continue scanning.

Bundled Software

CapturePerfect and CaptureOnTouch are both capture application software for the DR scanner series.
Each of the software can be selected and used, depending on the usage and workflow.
Please refer to the “Software” page for details.

Driver Setting tool

This tool makes it easy for the PC administrator to customize settings of the driver and the scanner. Also a productivity of system administrator will be significantly improved since it allows to check the status of the product and configure maintenance setting.

Other Software

Kofax VirtualReScan Basic

Leading image processing software, Kofax VAS Basic, Improves readability of multiple-size documents with varying degrees of quality. Automatically straighten skewed pages without character degradation, optimize a document’s brightness/contrast levels, and eliminate background noise and speckling.

Various functions to improve scanning efficiencies and qualities

Wide range of intelligent image processing functions are equipped.
Please refer to the “Image processing functions” page for details.

Type Desktop sheet-fed scanner
Document size Plain paper Width : 50 mm to 216 mm (1.97″ to 8.5″)
Length : 54 mm to 356 mm (2.13″ to 14.02″)
*You can scan documents up to 5,588 mm (220″) long by setting the scanner to the Long Document mode
Business card 50 mm x 85 mm (1.97″ x 3.35″) or larger
Card 54 mm x 86 mm (2.13″ x 3.39″) (ISO standard)
Passport 88 mm x 125 mm (3.46″ x 4 92″) (ISO standard) When scanning, be sure to open the passport and insert it in the separately sold carrier sheet (for passports)
Document thickness and weight Plain paper Page separation :
0.04 mm to 0.49 mm (0.0016″ to 0.0193″)
27 to 413 g/m² (7 to 110 lb bond)
Non separation :
0.04 mm to 0.49 mm (0.0016″ to 0.0193″)
27 to 413 g/m² (7 to 110 lb bond)
*A4 size or smaller : 80 sheets (80g/m² (22 lb bond))
Larger than A4 size : 65 sheets (80g/m² (22 lb bond))
Make sure stacks do not exceed 10 mm in height for either of the above
Business card 380 g/m² (80 lb bond) 0.45 mm (0.0177″) or smaller
Card 1.4 mm (0.055″) or smaller
Passport 6 mm (0.24″) or less (including carrier sheet)
Document feeding method Automatic
Scanning sensor Contact image sensor
Light source LED
Scanning side Simplex / Duplex
Scanning modes Black and White, Error Diffusion , 256- level Grayscale, Advanced Text Enhancement, Advanced Text Enhancement II, 24-bit Color
Scanning resolution 100 X 100 dpi/150 X 150 dpi/200 X 200 dpi/240 X 240 dpi/300 X 300 dpi/400 X 400 dpi/600 X 600 dpi
Scanning speed* B&W / Grayscale 200 dpi/300 dpi : 60 ppm (Simplex), 120 ipm (Duplex)
Color 200 dpi : 60 ppm (Simplex), 120 ipm (Duplex)
300 dpi : 50 ppm (Simplex), 100 ipm (Duplex)
Interface USB3.1 Gen1
Scanner driver / Software ISIS/TWAIN Driver, CaptureOnTouch, CapturePerfect, Kofax VirtualReScan Basic
Other functions Folio scanning, Ultrasonic double feed detection, Separation retry
( W x D x H )
With the trays closed
285 mm (11.22″)(W) x 254 mm (10″)(D) x 231 mm (9.09″)(H)
With the trays open
285 mm (11.22″)(W) x 652 mm (25 67″)(D) x 367 mm (14.45″)(H)
( without AC adapter )
Approximately 3.4 kg (7.50 lb)
Power supply
( using AC adapter )
DC24V 1.0A
Power consumption Scanning Maximum 23W or less
In the sleep mode Maximum 1.4W or less
With power switch OFF Maximum 0.1W or less
Operating environment Temperature : 10°C to 35°C (50°F to 95°F)
Humidity : 20% to 80% RH
Options / Consumables Flatbed Scanner Unit 102/201, Barcode Module, 2D code Module, Exchange Roller Kit (feed roller and retard roller), Carrier Sheet (Passport), Carrier Sheet (A4)
* Actual scanning speed may vary depending on your system configuration and PC.
* Specifications are subject to change without notice.
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