Canon’s original application that allows you to scan high quality clear images easily, without any difficulty in setting from the first day of installing the application.


Versatile data creation

  • There are useful image saving formats for data management such as “High-compression PDF” that allows you to drastically decrease the amount of data and manage color document with ease, and “PDF with the result of text OCR” that is useful for searching.

Various destinations of scanned data

  • Scanned data can be sent to a variety of destinations such as “Scan to Folder”, “Scan to E-Mail”, and “Scan to Print”, and it can be selected based on user’s various task.

Edit and save files freely

  • Editing such as replace, rotate, and divide pages can be implemented with ease before creating a file of scanned data. In addition, scanned data after file creation can also be edited more easily, by using functions such as auto-creation of the file name.

More practical and useful function

  • There are practical and useful functions especially for business use case, such as “Job registration” that allows you to set frequently used scan settings, and “Presentation mode” that enables displaying the scanned image immediately after scanning .