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    Organizational milestones Technical milestones
    • 1954
      Company is established under the name “Chichibu Eikosha Co., Ltd.”
    • 1954
      Start assembly of self-timers and slow governors for use in Canon cameras.
    • 1958
      Begin production of autonomous exposure meters for cameras.
    • 1959
      Develop M-type magnetic head.
    • 1964
      Change name to Canon Electronics Inc.
      Open the Kagemori plant.
    • 1965
      Establish our Tokyo business office.
    • 1960
      Develop magnetic heads for open reels and for broadcast VTRs.
    • 1964
      Begin production of FL-lens shutter units for SLR (Single Lens Reflex) cameras.
    • 1965
      Develop magnetic head for use with Philip’s-type cassettes.
    • 1971
      Open the Osaka Business Annex.
    • 1978
      Establish Amsterdam liaison office.
    • 1971
      Start production of magnetic heads for stereo cassette decks.
    • 1974
      Start production of Card readers.
    • 1975
      Start production of shutters and main units for Canon AE-1 cameras.
    • 1976
      Begin production of printers for calculators.
    • 1978
      Begin production of R&P combination magnetic heads.
    • 1979
      Start production of 5.25 inch floppy drives.
      Start production of magnetic heads for metal tape.
    • 1981
      Company listed on second section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
    • 1984
      Open our Misato plant.
    • 1989
      Establishment of Canon Electronic (Malaysia) SDN BHD.
    • 1980
      Start production of magnetic heads for use with floppy disks.
      Start production of magnetic drive units for copiers.
    • 1981
      Start production of main precision mechanical units for Canon new F-1 cameras.
      Start production of shutter units for the Canon Autoboy Super.
      Start production of K-series compact calculator printers.
    • 1982
      Start production of amorphous combination magnetic heads.
      Start production of serial-impact dot matrix printers.
    • 1984
      Start production of 3.5 inch floppy drives.
    • 1985
      Start production of magnetic heads for 8-mm VTR imaging.
      Start production of word-processor printers.
      Start consignment production of micro devices.
    • 1986
      Start production of main unit for the Canon EOS.
    • 1988
      Start production of shutter unit for the Q-PIC floppy-disk camera.
      Start consignment production of laser-beam printers (LBPs).
    • 1989
      Start production of optomagnetic disk drives.
    • 1993
      Misato plant receives ISO-9002 certification.
    • 1995
      Misato plant receives BS-7750 certification.
    • 1996
      Open plant in Krantan, Malaysia.
      Start IMS operations, and take over micro production from Canon Inc.
      Misato plant receives ISO-14001 certification (Change from previous certification)
    • 1997
      A product-specific business division structure is introduced.
    • 1998
      Listing upgraded to first section on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
      Open the new B wing at the Misato plant.
      Extend the Ikebukuro office.
    • 1999
      Start to reconceptualize as “high-earnings” business.
      Open our Akagi plant (for consignment assembly of LBPs).
      Take over control of production of laser scanner units from Canon Inc.
      Akagi plant receives ISO-14001 certification (6/10/99).
      Chichibu plant receives ISO-14001 certification (7/27/99).
      Open the Shibaura front office and the Shibaura R&D Center, (Close the Ikebukuro office.)
    • 1990
      Start consignment production of the Canofile CF-250.
      LBP production passes the 1 million mark,
    • 1991
      Start production of drum units for Canon 8-mm video cameras
      Start production of shutters and main units for Canon’s New F-1 SLR camera.
    • 1992
      Start production of 8-track read heads for train-station applications.
      Start production of the MP-60 and MP-90 reader printers.
    • 1993
      Start production of linear encoders.
      Start production of PCMCIA-compliant FD cards (external units).
      LBP production passes the 3 million mark,
    • 1995
      Start production of scanner cartridges.
    • 1996
      LBP production passes the 5 million mark.
      Start production of magnetic heads for APS cameras.
    • 1997
      Develop TMF ultrasensitive magnetic sensors.
      Start production of Visualizers.
    • 1998
      Start production of polygon mirrors.
      Start production of CAM miniature step motors.
      Start production of Film-Scanners.
      Start production of digital document cameras.
    • 1999
      Develop and begin sales of presentation software.
      Start production of flat-bed scanners.
    2000 to present
    • 2000
      Take control of Handy Terminal business from Canon, Inc. (Birth of our HT division)
      Establish uniform production system for laser scanner units (business-machine components).
    • 2001
      Integrate the three Chichibu facilities into a single production site.
    • 2002
      Liquidate two Chichibu subsidiaries and restructure their operations.
    • 2003
      Achieve zero debt.
      Achieve “Privacy Mark” certification.
    • 2004
      Implement share sell-off. .
      Shibaura front office becomes “Tokyo Headquarters.”
      Renovate the Misato plant.
      Extend the Akagi plant’s B Wing.
    • 2005
      Changes the stock trading unit from 1.000 shares to 100 shares.
    • 2006
      Open our Akagi mold plant.
      Consolidated sales revenue exceeds ¥100 billion for the first time.
      e-System Corporation becomes a Canon Electotonics consolidated subsidiary.
    • 2007
      Sales revenue exceeds ¥100 billion for the first time.
      Effect a 3-for-2 split of its common shares.
      Receive the second Monozukuri Nihon Award.
    • 2008
      ASIA PACIFIC SYSTEM RESERCH CO.,LTD becomes a Canon Electronics consolidated subsidiary.
      Receive “Yellow Ribbon Medal” for the mold making master.
      Establishment of Canon Electronics Vietnam Co.,Ltd.
    • 2009
      Hold “Canon NEXT Solution FAIR 2009 in Chichibu”.
      ASIA PACIFIC SYSTEM RESERCH CO.,LTD becomes a wholley owned subsidiary.
    • 2010
      e-System Corporation becomes a wholley owned subsidiary.
    • 2000
      Develop and start sales of the PR210 presentation scanner.
    • 2002
      Develop miniature injection molding machines.
    • 2003
      Develop 3D modeling machinery.
    • 2005
      Start production of plastic lenses.
      Start production of Food Waste Disposer.
    • 2006
      Production of plastic lenses passes the 1 hundred million mark.
    • 2007
      Begin sales of ScanFront 220P network scanner.
    • 2008
      Launched the ultimate business card management service, “UltimaBlue”.
      Begin sales of security management software “SML”.
    • 2009
      Image FOMULA ScanFront 220e/eP wins “BLI Pick of the Year”Award.
      Compact Document Sucanner P-150(DR:150) has been released.
      Handy Terminal KT series wins Canon President Award of the Year 2009 [Bussines Puroducts prize].