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Jan 27, 2021Starting accepting orders for our Micro-satellites; CE-SAT-SERIES

We are pleased to announce that we will start accepting orders for micro-satellite busses and satellite components in sequence. We aim to provide high quality and quick delivery by using production technology and supply network of the Canon Group and by intentionally holding a certain inventory of parts that take time to procure. We hope that the micro-satellite usage scene will be activated by supplying products to the satellite market in Japan and overseas with stable quality and speedily. We will also start accepting orders for satellite images.


■ Micro-satellite CE-SAT series

* CE-SAT-I (500mm×500mm×850mm) / Space telescope equipped with diameter of 400mm

* CE-SAT-II (292mm×392mm×673mm) / Space telescope with diameter of 200mm and 87mm

* CE-SAT-III (100mm×100mm×300mm)

It is possible to choose an appropriate size satellite according to the mission. We have track record of operating in orbit with CE-SAT-I (launched in June 2017), CE-SAT-IIB (launched in October 2020), and TRICOM-1R (launched in February 2018), respectively.


■ Components

* Space Telescopes (diameter of 400mm, 200mm, 87mm)

EF mount specification is available, but customization is also possible according to customer’s request. Telescopes with diameter of 400 mm and 200 mm have a focus adjustment mechanism that allows adjustment in orbit.

* Ultra high sensitivity camera

Specially designed for space to realize ultra high sensitivity shooting at night from satellite orbit. It is equipped on the CE-SAT-IIB and is scheduled to undergo on-orbit demonstration before receiving orders.

* Others

Geomagnetic sensor, Sun sensor, Star tracker, Inertial reference unit, Magnetorquer , Reaction wheel, On-board computers, etc.


■ Images

We will start accepting orders for CE-SAT-I images. From over 20,000 archives, it is possible to provide images of the scene that users need. In addition, we also prepare sample images of urban areas, coastal areas, rivers, farmland, etc. assuming several usage scenarios, so please contact us when considering use.  Please look forward to the Canon Electronics Group’s efforts in space business in the future.



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