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Mar 22, 2024We succeeded in taking the first image of the primary telephoto of the micro-satellite “CE-SAT-IE”

We are pleased to release the first light(*1) image “Las Vegas Cityscape” taken from the primary telephoto of CE-SAT-IE which was launched into a sun-synchronous orbit at an orbital altitude of 670 km by the H3 Launch Vehicle (H3TF2: Test Flight No.2)on February 17, 2024.

On March 10, 2024, at 2:12:48 am (JST), we attempted to photograph the center of Las Vegas from the primary telephoto, which combines an aperture 40 cm telescope and a Canon’s full-frame mirrorless camera EOS R5 with high resolution performance of approximately 45 million pixels (*2).

Las Vegas is famous for an international tourist city, and there are many facilities such as casino hotels, entertainment, and sporting events, and the Las Vegas Freeway Expressway and many famous hotels are shown in the center of the image.g

From this first-light image, you can see cars driving on the road and cars parked in the parking lot, and you can also read the letters written on the roof of the stadium.

High-resolution images are expected to contribute to the safety and security of society by grasping road congestion, collecting geospatial information used during urban and regional development, and contributing to disaster prevention activities.

CE-SAT-IE will continue to conduct demonstration experiments in orbit with the aim of acquiring high-resolution images (80 cm of Ground sampling distance (nadir) when taken at an orbital altitude of 670 km).

*1 First light: The first observation to confirm the performance of optical equipment (cameras, telescopes, etc.)

*2 : The larger the number of pixels, the clearer the image can be taken.

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