News Release

Oct 29, 2020Successful Launch and Communication Establishment of CE-SAT-IIB

We are pleased to announce that our third microsatellite, CE-SAT-IIB, has successfully been launched into orbit, and that we have established communication with it.

With the newly developed super high sensitivity camera, the satellite is capable of observing the earth during night time. It is equipped with 3 types of cameras including Canon’s mirrorless camera and compact digital camera, and will go through a 2 year demonstration experiment for forthcoming production of cassegrain reflectors as series.

■ Date of Launch:29th October, 2020 (JST)

■ Location: Rocket Lab Launch Complex 1 on Mahia Peninsula, New Zealand

■ Launch Vehicle :Electron, Rocket Lab

■ Specifications of CE-SAT-IIB

* Mass 35.5kg

* Dimensions 292mm × 392mm × 673mm

* Orbit Sun-synchronous orbit (Altitude: 500km)

* Detector Primary telephoto: Super high sensitivity camera with mirror diameter 200mm

* Secondary telephoto: EOS M100 with mirror diameter 87mm

* Wide-Angle: PowerShot G9 X Mark II

* GSD Primary telephoto:  5.1m

* Secondary telephoto: 2.3m (updated on June 2022)

* Shooting Area: Primary telephoto: 3.5km × 2.3km / Secondary telephoto: 5.6km × 3.7km


<In-house Developed and Manufactured Components>

Cassegrain Reflector, Super High Sensitivity Camera, Geomagnetic Sensor, Sun Sensor, Star Tracker, Inertial Reference Unit, Magnetorquer, Reaction Wheel, On Board Computer and others.

■ Contact:Satellite Strategy Development & Operation Div.